Ceramics and steel are two elements that regularly occur in Hannah Reede's work. Both materials are modular systems, both are materials to built with. One more precisely than the other. As soon as these materials are combined a tension arises in which the materials complement each other. The machine-made scaffolding tube is combined with the handmade ceramic. A feminine and masculine side. Who is carrying who and who is being carried?
All the sculptures are site-specific made
Curated by; Eva van Bemmelen and Humie Pourseyf
Sculpture 1 : 320 x 30 x 40 
Sculpture 2: 227 x 30 
Sculpture 3: 100 x 50 x 90 
Ceramics, scaffolding tubes, colored light
More information about the exhibition you find here​​​​​​​
2021, The Hague
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